Resume for David Hawley

Project Management / IT Department Management
Systems, Applications and Application Framework Development
Applied Software Research


Mobile 090-930-39838


Date of Birth August 30, 1956
Health Excellent
Nationality Canadian
Japanese visa 3-year spousal
Japanese Level 2, Nihongo Noryoku Exam

Project Management Skills

Certification Project Management Professional (PMP #431429), ITIL Foundations.
Project Lifecycles SILC (System Infrastructure LifeCycle), SDLC (Software Development LifeCycle), Other SD lifecycles including spiral, evolutionary prototyping, incremental/iterative, RUP (Rational Unified Process).
Management Scope, Budget & Cost, Schedule, Quality, Risk, Procurement, Communication.
Tools Microsoft Project (including customization and scripting), "PlanView" enterprise project management, Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Visio, Adobe.

Career History

2005/08 to now
Project Manager (Consultant)


  • Project Management of whole lifecycle from Initiation to Closure, including management of procurement, budget and costs.
  • Technical liason for Privacy Steering Committee with Engineering, positioning of possible technical safety measures.
  • Accomplishments

  • Infrastructure projects related to settlement systems, PABX, Mainframe, information security, etc. totalling 20M USD on Wintel, Unix and Mainframe platforms.
  • 2005/04 to 2005/07
    Project Manager - Privacy Office (Consultant)


  • Assisting Privacy Officer in implementing Japanese Personal Information Protection compliance.
  • 2004/10 to 2005/03
    AXA Japan
    Project Manager (Consultant)


  • Management of local engineer and technical support of SAP R/3 implementation
  • Coordination with US infrastructure team and support of customer technical project manager
  • Schedule, status reporting, meetings, creation and review of contract deliverables
  • 2003/07 to 2004/9
    East-West Web Works


  • Taking projects from proposal to delivery
  • Outsourcing management
  • Accomplishments

  • Static and dynamic Web sites
  • Development of Web forms package, content management system as reusable components of customer Web sites
  • Development of DSP tools
  • Other consulting projects, including SAP Basis.
  • 2002/09 to 2003/07
    RepeatMaster project


  • Created prototype music edutainment software using .NET
  • Researched and understood Digital Signal Processing methods for music
  • 2001/01 to 2002/05
    SAP Japan
    Manager, Corporate Research


  • Investigate new technologies with an eye to applying to SAP solutions
  • Accomplishments

  • Collaborative work framework using XML; deployed application IdeaFactory
  • Framework for mobile context-aware applications.
  • Intranet site showcasing the above and other technologies.
  • 1998/01 to 2001/12
    SAP Japan
    Development Manager, CRM


  • Manage software development cost-center of 10 people
  • Architect mobile software product line and oversee software development & QA
  • Investigate new technologies; propose & prototype innovative product extensions
  • Accomplishments

  • Proposed and built an innovative RAD framework for mobile enterprise computing.
    (Patented: Europe WO0177822, USA 20040083463, also Japan).
  • Improved manageability of development process and technical reach by introduction of UML, CASE tools, source-code management
  • 1994/10 to 1997/12
    SAP Japan
    Manager, Microsoft Competence Center


  • Management of joint center of expertise comprising 2 SAP staff and 8 partner staff
  • Liaise with partners to promote and support joint business
  • Provide R/3 benchmark consulting & tuning for internal/external customers
  • Accomplishments

  • Launched the NT platform in Japan & grew it to take 25% of all new installations.
  • Established QA program for Windows NT H/W, including establishment of Competence Centers for Japanese vendors
  • 1991/10 to 1994/9
    Compuflex Japan
    Software Director


  • Determine, implement and manage software process
  • Design & lead DOS, Windows, UNIX kernel, and embedded control projects
  • Liase with venture capitalist, vendors
  • Accomplishments

  • Improved productivity, quality and manageability of software projects by introduction of software process and object-oriented methodology
  • Migrated company network from Netware to Windows NT
  • 1987/4 to 1991/9
    OKI Electric / ICOT (MITI project)


  • Research, propose, and implement new programming systems.
  • Write papers and present at national and international conferences.
  • 1978/12 to 1981/8
    Mutual of Omaha
    Programmer Analyst


  • Group insurance system analysis/design/code/maintenance
  • Creation of simple system utilities
  • 1976/7 to 1977/8
    Royal Bank of Canada


  • Regular and Ad-hoc reporting
  • Technical assistant to computer equipment inventory project manager
  • Summer 1981,1982


  • Cobol compiler testing
  • Design, Coding and supervising another student
  • Accomplishments

  • Full-screen (IBM 3270 terminal-like) form manager for the first IBM PC
  • OS port to IBM Series/1
  • Education

    PhD, Not granted. University of Waterloo,Ontario, Canada.
    Funded by National Science and Engineering Research Council Scholarship.
    I left to work in Japan at OKI Electric.
    M.Math, Granted. University of Waterloo,Ontario, Canada.
    Partially funded by Ontario Graduate Scholarship.
    Thesis: task allocation in distributed systems.
    B.Math, Granted. University of Waterloo,Ontario, Canada.
    Double Major in "Computer Science" and "Combinatorics and Optimization". Deans Honor List.


  • Nihongo Noryoku Shiken Level 2
  • Member of ACM, IEEE, ISACA
  • Sampling of Projects Managed

    Product Launch

  • SAP Japan: The project was the launch of the Windows NT version of SAP R/3 in Japan. I worked together with technical development in Germany on product testing and QA, gave presentations at user conferences, provided pre-sales and post-sales support for early adopters, and evangelized internal sales and consulting groups. In addition to being the local liason for the vendor testing and certification program operated by a third-party lab in Germany, I also established and operated a country-specific certification program. When the project completed successfully, I continued as the manager of a joint competence center with the certified Japanese vendors.
  • AXA Life Japan: Consultancy Bearing Point's Team Lead for Basis/Infrastructure portion of SAP implementation project. Responsible for scheduling, project tracking and review, meetings, production and review of document deliverables. Supervised 1 local staff, supported client's project manager, and handled liason with US hosting company.
  • Software

  • Compuflex Japan: The project was the development of a Unix platform for the fault-tolerant server market. I was responsible for estimating effort, costing, staffing and management of resources, technical risk management, and establishing metrics, tracking and reporting to the CEO and the Venture Capitalist. In addition, I liased with SHL SystemHouse to which we planned to outsource some of the work, as well as with technology licensors Sun Microsystems and Data General.
  • SAP Japan: I initiated this mobile enterprise application framework when I was CRM development manager. After conducting the feasibility study and building a prototype, I proposed and sold it to directors and VPs. In the approved project, I was responsible for the client-side software, for which I estimated effort, staffed and allocated resources, managed technical risk, tracked and reported progress. I worked together with the Microsoft Consulting (transport layer) and internal teams (SAP integration, application) to define overall requirements, architecture, testing, release strategy and schedule.
  • Technical Skills

    Previous Certifications MCSE (NT 4, MSSQL 7), MCSD (pre .NET).
    SAP Basis (system admin, communication/interfacing, benchmarking/tuning),
    Coursework and some prototyping with Workflow, SD and MM.
    Databases Oracle, MSSQL, Adabas, Access.
    Programming Languages VB/VB.NET, C/C++, Java, Assembly, Prolog, Perl, Scripting languages.
    Web XML/XSL/FO, DHTML/HTML, CSS, CGI, Javascript, VBScript, Frontpage, IIS.
    CASE UML, Rational Rose, Poseidon.

    Sampling of Software Projects


  • Compuflex Japan: Software development for a Global Positioning System (GPS) for small aircraft. Challenges were the hand-tuned assembly code for VGA screen updates, and signal conditioning of the GPS data. Technical contributions were system architecture, GUI design, and part of the coding. Implemented in C and assembler on a hand-held computer.
  • Compuflex Japan: Development of the graphic system monitor for a fault-tolerant computer. I acted as project manager and architect for the software development. Interesting aspects included the hardware simulation component and making the data-link robust.
    Technical contributions were requirements analysis, high-level design and GUI prototyping.
    Client-server architected (publish/subscribe), and implemented in Visual Basic, C and FORTH.
  • SAP Japan: Development of a Rapid Application Development toolkit for mobile devices. I proposed and architected the solution and, until full funding became available, acted as project lead. The toolkit uses XML to represent the application definition, and supplies a number of interpreters for deployment platforms including Windows CE H/PC and Palm/PC, SmartPhone micro-browsers, and voice telephones. The run-time environments support "virtual online" integration with corporate data over various wireless transports.
    The two major challenges in this project were the creation of a executable model for applications independent of deployment media and screen-size (for which a patent was awarded), and engineering for small memory footprint and quick response, even for complex application definitions and large inter-linked datasets on the mobile devices.
    Individual technical contributions were the concept, architecture and high-level design, the first versions of the Windows CE runtime engines and part of the development workbench.
  • SAP Japan: Development of a collaborative GUI framework. The framework supports client-based Create/Display/Modify/Delete access to shared XML data together with a server-centric delta synchronization scheme. Basic functionality is supplied in standard scripts that are invoked from Web pages generated on the client from the XML data and application-specific XSL. I was the project initiator and sole contributor.
  • Systems

  • Compuflex Japan: Development of a proprietary fault-tolerant UNIX server. I acted as project manager and architect for the software development. One challenge was the performance-critical incremental calculation of CRC for scatter-gather data packets.
    Technical contributions to the Solaris 2.x port to the machine were requirements analysis, hardware bring up, diagnostics, network and disk boot drivers. Implementation was in C, FORTH, SPARC assembler.
  • Compuflex Japan: Development of embedded control software for a Fault-Tolerant Disk Array (RAID). I acted as project manager and architect.
    Technical contributions were requirements analysis, high-level design, and detailed design of startup and task scheduling functions. Analysis/Design was performed using the Object Modeling Technique (OMT), and implementation was in C. To manage the complexity of the software, I created a textual language to represent the (OMT) dynamic models (Harel statecharts), and a compiler to generate C code from the models.
  • University of Waterloo: Enhancement of an experimental distributed operating system based on message passing. I designed and implemented major enhancements including dynamic linked libraries and kernel threads. I was also the project leader for the port to the microVAX from the DEC LSI-11/23. My personal contributions were in process and memory management, and download-and-boot facilities. Implementation was in C and VAX ASM.
  • Technical

  • ICOT/OKI Electric: R&D of a very high-level parallel language. I conceptualized and designed the language, and then implemented it on a 64-node distributed multicomputer. The language included an equation solving engine, based on an original which I parallelized and optimized using both advanced mathematical theory of Groebner bases and parallel search techniques. For standard test cases the parallel equation solver was 1000 times faster than the original. Implementation was in a concurrent Prolog (KL1).
  • Sampling of Software Projects

    When Project Type Platform Skills Roles Client
    2004 DSP designer and execution env. App Windows VC++, VB.Net PADCUS WaveClef Technologies
    2004 Multilingual Javascript Web forms framework Tec Windows ASP, XML/XSLT PADCUS East-West Web Works
    2004 Information syndication tool/v2 App Windows VB.Net, VC#, Access PADCUS East-West Web Works
    2003 Information syndication tool Tec Windows ASP, XML/XSLT, Access PADCUS East-West Web Works
    2003 Content Management System App Windows VB.Net, VC#, XML/XSLT PADCUS East-West Web Works
    02.09-03.07 RepeatMaster edutainment system App Windows VBNet, C, C++, XSLT, MCI PADCUS RepeatMaster
    02.06-02.08 SVG UI library Fra n/a SVG, Javascript PADCU- East-West Web Works
    2002 Context-aware business application framework Fra Windows Java, Javaspaces, XML, VB, Prolog PADCUS SAP Japan
    2002 Idea/Suggestion Management (client-server) App Windows ASP, XML, XSL, DHTML, CSS, Javascript PADCUS SAP Japan
    2001 Annotated bibliography system (client-server) App Windows ASP, XML, XSL, DHTML, CSS, Javascript PADCUS SAP Japan
    2001 XML in-browser editor (client-server) Tec Windows ASP, XML, XSL, DHTML, CSS, Javascript PADCUS SAP Japan
    98.01-01.12 Localization projects Loc Windows Java, JSP, VB, VC++, HTML, Powerbuilder, Sybase --DCUS SAP Japan
    2001 XML->WAP Binary XML library Tec Windows, Win/CE C++, VB, COM, XML PADCUS SAP Japan
    2001 Benchmark driver for Forms-engine Tec Windows VB, COM PA--US SAP Japan
    2001 Forms-engine to SAP integration Tec Win/CE, Windows VC++, MSSQL, MSMQ, SAP, XML, SOAP PADCUS SAP Japan
    2000-2001 Win/CE Forms engine Tec Win/CE VC++, COM, XML, Raima, MSSQL/CE PADCUS SAP Japan
    2000 Schema-driven XML Editor App Windows VB, COM PADCU- SAP Japan
    1999-2001 CRM local requirements addition App Windows Powerbuilder, VB, MSSQL -ADCUS SAP Japan
    2000 SAP Call Center new functionality App n/a SAP PADC-- SAP Japan
    2000 Automated receptionist App Windows, PBX, Speech Recognition card Nuance, TAPI, VC++, VB, COM, VBA, Access, SAP HR, IIS, Visio, VRML PADCUS SAP Japan
    94.10-97.12 DBMS administration,tuning Adm Windows MSSQL, Adabas D, Informix ------ SAP Japan
    1995 Benchmark driver Tec Windows VB, COM PADCU- SAP Japan
    1995 Benchmark driver port to NT Mig Windows C P--CU- SAP Japan
    1994 SAP - MS Merchant Server demos App Windows SAP SD, VB, Merchant Server P-DCUS SAP Japan
    1992 Fax client-server system App DOS VB PADCU- Compuflex
    1993-1994 Remote system monitor Sys DOS VB PADCU- Compuflex
    1994 RAID system Sys proprietary C, ASM PADCU- Compuflex
    1992 Code metric suite App Unix C PADCU- Compuflex
    1991-1994 Unix port Sys Unix C, ASM, FORTH P-DCUS Compuflex
    1993 OMT Statechart syntax & compiler Tec Unix Awk PADCU- Compuflex
    1991 Aircraft flight planner App DOS C, ASM -ADCUS Compuflex
    1991 Small aircraft moving-map GPS App DOS C, ASM PADCUS Compuflex
    88.04-91.9 Constraint-solver parallelization Tec proprietary parallel Prolog PADCUS Oki / ICOT (Ministry of International Trade and Industry project)
    88.04-91.9 Concurrent Logic language Tec proprietary parallel Prolog PADCUS Oki / ICOT (Ministry of International Trade and Industry project)
    87.04-88.03 Prolog interpreter Tec proprietary Prolog O-O variant PADCU- Oki Electric
    84.4-84.8 OS port Sys PDP, MicroVAX C, ASM P-DCU- University of Waterloo
    82.04-82.08 OS port Sys IBM Series/1 mini, IBM PC C dialect, ASM --DCUS WATSOFT
    81.04-81.08 Screen Manager Tec DOS C dialect PADCU- WATSOFT
    78.12-81.8 Interactive claims adjusting App IBM mainframe, Wang mini Cobol -ADCUS Mutual of Omaha
    78.12-81.8 Batch transaction, reporting App IBM mainframe Cobol, ASM, VSAM, JCL -ADCU- Mutual of Omaha
    78.12-81.8 HoneywellÞIBM mainframe migration Mig IBM mainframe Cobol, ASM, VSAM, JCL -ADCU- Mutual of Omaha
    78.12-81.8 Data-entry process conversion Mig WANG mini RPG-like PADCU- Mutual of Omaha
    78.12-81.8 Group insurance App IBM mainframe Cobol, VSAM, JCL --DCUS Mutual of Omaha
    77.4-77.8 Equipment inventory mgmt App CDC TSS Basic PADCU- Royal Bank of Canada
    76.7-77.3 Ad-hoc and regular reporting App IBM mainframe Fortran 4GL --DCU- Royal Bank of Canada


    Roles: Planning, Architecture, Detailed design, Coding, Unit-testing, System-testing
    Project type: Application, Technical Application, Migration/Localization, Administration, Framework, System/Embedded

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